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factory overhaul program

general information about our factory overhaul program

This program is based on the aircraft of our own brand, which we purchase or trade-in. They will be partially or completely overhauled depending on condition and operation time. Unless other agreements have been made in advance with potential customers, the aircraft are reworked and overhaued into a condition „nearly as new“. A complete report has been published in the German AEROKURIER 09/2013: Most of all we overhaul the FK9 in all its versions, but occasionally we also have the FK14 Polaris or FK12 Comet types. Since we monitor the second hand prices for our models over the past 25 years, we have developed a calculation method, which gives us reliable market values for a fair trading of second hand aircraft. Depending on the project, the selling prices are between 50 and 70% of the price of a comparable brandnew aircraft. Of course, the full warranty obligations to the customer do apply. For commercial customers and clubs, we also occasionally offer such aircraft with partially or fully detectable VAT, which makes these offers even more attractive! If you plan to entry into the light sport aircraft segment (for clubs or private), this concept is an interesting alternative to the purchase of a complete new aircraft.
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Excerpt from Aerokurier 09/2013 Excerpt from Aerokurier 09/2013