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The brand of „Bücker“ Flugzeugbau is still a synonymous for the German sport aircraft history for many pilots in the world today. In addition the name "Funk" has also been a fixture in the field of innovative light aircraft designs since the early 1960s, in Germany and Europe. By merging the brands Bücker & Funk (B & F) we are pursuing the goal of updating classic German aviation technology with innovative approaches!
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BF 139 Clubman Classic

The BF 139 Clubman is a retro-style two- seater

BF133 Jungmeister

More information about the retro project of the legendary aerobatic icon can be found here

FK131 Jungmann

the retro version of the Bü131 Jungmann, suitable for the EU UL- and experimental- category.
more FK131 Jungmann more FK131 Jungmann more BF131 Jungmeister more BF131 Jungmeister more BF139 Clubman Classic more BF139 Clubman Classic