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FK14 Polaris

FK14 Polaris

The FK14 Polaris is a high performance cruiser, allowing the pilot a comfortable but superior flying experience. In addition to its modern design, the Polaris is outstanding not only because of its unique panoramic view, but also by its low fuel consumption. Proven in many competitions and air races - the Polaris is able to beat most of its competitors - no matter if tuned by variable pitch props or retractable landing gears! A large one-piece hood opens the cabin easily with the help of gas springs and permits easy boarding. The canopy is made from a special UV protection plexi and provides a 360°panoramic view. Ergo-nomic and adjustable bucket seats are shaped for long journeys and comfort. The cockpit is designed for a maximum of space and can accommoda-te very tall pilots. A modern, electric fowler flap system allows to extend wing surface for short takeoffs and landings up to 20%. This makes cruising speeds of up to 250 km/h possible as well as take offs from shorter runways. Vortex generators at the wingtips do improve control efficiency at low speeds. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS


Wing span 8,5 m Length 5,9 m Height 2,1 m (tri-gear version)


Empty weight in base configuration 298 - 330 kg Max. take off weight. (depending on regulation) 472 - 600 kg


Vne 290 km/h Vstall 64 - 74 km/h Cruise (75%) 235 km/h - 243 km/h Best climb / at 1100 - 1500 ft/min


Total capacity 78 - 96 ltr


Hydraulic disc brake 6" mainwheel-system with park-lock Adjustable carbon fiber seats with two-color upholstery in cotton or leather Adjustable cockpit ventilation for both pilot and passenger Additional cabin ventilation with 2 individual air vents in front console Large baggage compartment, soft pockets in both sides of cockpit and additional luggage compartments in cockpit floor


Electric fuel booster pump and pressure warning Electrical operated fowler flaps with position indicator system In addition to its modern design, the Polaris is outstanding not only because of its unique panoramic view, but also by its low fuel consumption. Electric fuel level indicators for each wingtank


Rotax 912 UL (80 hp) / Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) / Rotax 912iS (100 hp) 3-blade DUC or Helix carbon fibre fixed pitch propeller – also constant speed propeller types available


Air speed indicator Altimeter (5000 ft) Compass Slip Indicator Oil pressure and oil temperature CHT RPM indicator gauge


Full composite airframe with monocoque fuselage design Electric elevator trim Integrated tie-down attachments in wingtips Canopy keylock system Blue coloured canopy glass with special UV protection Wing fast-dislocking-mechanism for quick wing detachment Large wing fuel tank system (78-96 ltr) including drain valves Standard paintscheme white including 2 color decoration set


Available in tri-gear or taildragger configuration. Or in the unique roadster version “Le Mans”.
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